What is a selenium drum

Selenium drum is the most important part of laser printer development and imaging, also known as photosensitive drum. It is generally composed of basic substrate made of aluminum and photosensitive material coated on the substrate. More than 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the selenium drum, and the printing quality is actually determined by the selenium drum to a great extent. The toner cartridge not only determines the print quality, but also determines the amount of money users need to spend in the process of use.

What is a selenium drum

The integrated selenium drum, that is, the selenium drum integrating the photoconductive drum, magnetic drum and toner box, followed by the two body selenium drum, the photosensitive drum is a separate part, the magnetic drum and toner box form another part, and finally the three body selenium drum, which is composed of three independent parts: photoconductive drum, magnetic drum and toner box.

What is a selenium drum

The carbon powder in the selenium drum is a kind of charged fine resin particles. The carbon powder charge is opposite to the charge on the surface of the selenium drum. When the charged surface of the selenium drum passes through the inking roller, the charged part adsorbs the toner particles, so the latent image becomes a real image.

While the toner drum rotates in operation, the printing system transmits the printing paper, and the printing paper belt has a much stronger charge with the same polarity as the surface of the toner drum. Then the paper passes through the toner drum with toner, the toner on the surface of the toner drum is attracted to the printing paper, and the image is formed on the surface of the paper.

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