Which province and city does Hengshui belong to

Hengshui is a prefecture level city in Hebei Province. It is located in the southeast of Hebei Province, adjacent to Cangzhou City and Dezhou City in Shandong Province in the East, Shijiazhuang City in the west, Xingtai City in the South and Baoding city and Cangzhou City in the north, with a total area of 8815 square kilometers.

Which province and city does Hengshui belong to

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Hengshui City is located in the alluvial plain of Hebei Province. The terrain tilts slowly from southwest to northeast, with an altitude of 12m ~ 30m. It belongs to the continental monsoon climate zone, which is warm and semi-arid. It is an important processing and supply base of agricultural and sideline products in Beijing and Tianjin. Hengshui belongs to Jingnan District of the "1 + 9 + 3" plan of the Bohai rim economic circle and the capital economic circle. It is a member city of the joint conference of mayors of the Bohai Rim regional cooperation. It is called the "golden cross" by Fei Xiaotong.

Jizhou under the jurisdiction of Hengshui is the first of Kyushu. Hebei Province is called Ji, which is why famous figures such as Dong Zhongshu, Kong Yingda, Gao Shi and Sun Li have emerged. As of 2016, Hengshui has 6 national intangible cultural heritage protection projects, 33 provincial intangible cultural heritage protection projects and 55 municipal intangible cultural heritage protection projects. There are Hengshui Lake, Wuqiang New Year picture Museum, Jizhou city and other tourist attractions in the territory.

Which province and city does Hengshui belong to

Hengshui is a strong city in secondary education in Hebei Province. Hebei Hengshui middle school is a famous super middle school in China, one of the top 100 middle schools in China and a key middle school in Hebei Province. It has 18 branches in 8 provinces in China.

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