What is the western region

The western regions first referred to the regions of the Zhou Dynasty. Since the Han Dynasty, the western region in a narrow sense refers to the west of Yumenguan and Yangguan, the east of Congling, the East and south of Balkash lake and the vast area of Xinjiang. Finally, it will be Xinjiang and beyond. The western region in a broad sense refers to the regions that can be reached through the western region in a narrow sense, including central and Western Asia.

What is the western region

Extended data:

The western regions later evolved into the meaning of China's western region, so Qinghai and Tibet also belong to the western regions. The "western regions" of the Qing Dynasty began in the east to the west of Dunhuang, in the west to Balkash lake and Congling, in the south to Lhasa, in the north to Russia and the left and right Kazakh borders, and many areas in the southwest of Qinghai and the north of Tibet.

What is the western region

Other meanings:

1. Refers to the west, the West.

Mou Rong's "on Buddhism": "the reason why the Fu Buddha is located in Zhongyue and Yao Qi is more interesting than those in the western regions."

Yun Jing's record of the Yin of the stele in Wenchang Palace said: "the Buddha family prospered in the future, and all the gods worshipped were entrusted to the western regions and the so-called four worlds."

2. It refers to the place where the legendary queen mother of China and the West lives.

Wu Yun's "Bu Fu Ci": "Shu Yu made the western regions and played around the golden mother's house."

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