What part is the donkey's intestines

The donkey's intestine is the donkey's large intestine. The word "board" of donkey's intestines refers to the whole large intestine of donkey. "Donkey Banchang" is the first of the eight treasures of donkey. Because it is rotten and delicious, fat but not greasy, there is a saying among the people that "you can give up your child's mother rather than donkey Banchang". "Dragon meat in the sky and donkey meat on the ground" is the highest praise for donkey meat.

What part is the donkey's intestines

The protein content of donkey board intestines and donkey board intestines products is relatively high, and donkey board intestines protein is a complete protein. It not only contains eight essential amino acids for human body, but also its proportion is close to human needs, and its nutritional titer is high. Donkey board intestines also contain fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

What part is the donkey's intestines

The process of processing donkey intestines is always very exquisite: take a pair of donkey intestines, wash them repeatedly with clean water, hold one end with chopsticks, turn the intestines like a trouser tube, then put them on the chopping board, take a sharp knife and start scraping the intestines. It is the most difficult to scrape the intestines. You should be steady, accurate and ruthless. You should scrape the intestinal fluid and sundries quickly without hurting the intestines.

Put the scraped large intestine into a water purification pot and cook it for eight hours. After it is mature, take it out, add a few drops of salt flour, corn flour and vinegar juice, rub and rinse it with both hands repeatedly until there is no smell, and then cut the whole large intestine into small pieces of about two inches.

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