How strong is typhoon PACA

Typhoon Paka has a force of 12. Typhoon Paka intensified from tropical storm to severe tropical storm on the evening of August 26, 2017.

At about 9:00 on August 27, the center of Typhoon "Paka" landed in the southeast coast of Taishan, Guangdong. At the time of landing, the maximum wind force near the center was 12, 33 m / s and 978 HPA.

How strong is typhoon PACA

Extended data:

Typhoon Paka is No. 14 typhoon in 2017 (international number 1714). Paka, a name provided by Laos, means Irrawaddy dolphin. It is a freshwater fish growing in the lower reaches of the Mekong River.

How strong is typhoon PACA

"PACA" was formed on the Northwest Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines on August 24, 2017. At 21:00 p.m. on the 25th, it landed on the east coast of Luzon Island in the Philippines at tropical storm level. It moved into the South China Sea in the morning of the 26th, strengthened to strong tropical storm level in the evening, strengthened to typhoon level at 08:00 on the 27th, and landed on the southeast coast of Taishan City, Guangdong Province, China (33m / s, level 12) at 09:00 on the same day, It weakened into a tropical low at 20:00 on the same day, and the Central Meteorological Observatory stopped numbering it at 23:00.

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