How many kinds of double eyelids

There are four kinds of double eyelids: parallel, open fan, crescent and European and American.

Parallel shape is suitable for people with large eyes, high eyebrow arch, distant eyebrows from eyelids and thin upper eyelids.

The fan-shaped opening is suitable for people with upturned canthus, flattering eyes and high external canthus.

The crescent is very similar to the open fan. It is elegant and intellectual. It is suitable for white-collar workers or teachers.

European and American type, also known as European style. The double eyelid is wide. Oriental people should be careful when using this method.

How many kinds of double eyelids

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The double eyelid refers to the skin with a shallow groove above the eyelid margin. When the eyes are opened, the skin below the groove moves upward, while the skin above the groove is loose, hanging and folding down at the double eyelid groove. To form a pair of beautiful double eyelids, we must comprehensively consider the shape and width of double eyelids, the swelling degree of upper eyelids, the width of eyelid fissure, the radian of eyelid margin, the proportion between the height and width of eyes, the distance between eyebrows and eyes and other factors.

How many kinds of double eyelids

The eye is the first of the five senses and the main visual function. Vision plays an extremely important role in people's understanding of the objective world. 90% of the information obtained from the outside world is completed by both eyes. It is also an expression organ and a display of human inner world. It can fully reflect people's joy, anger, sadness, joy and other inner activities, so it is called the window of the soul. It is the most exposed and eye-catching organ in human appearance and the center of facial beauty. It is called the window of beauty by aestheticians. Therefore, a pair of beautiful and perfect eyes often add to the icing on the cake in human beauty.

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