Which city does Deqing County belong to

Deqing County is located in Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is named "people have virtue, such as water to Qing". Located in the west of Hangjiahu Plain in the Yangtze River Delta, Wukang street is under the jurisdiction of the county. The county governs 4 streets and 8 towns. There are scenic spots in the territory, such as Mogan mountain, Xiazhu lake, Xinshi ancient town, French Shanju naked heart Valley, etc.

Which city does Deqing County belong to

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Deqing County has a long history, with the relics of Liangzhu Culture and the legend of ancient windbreak culture. Because the county is close to yubuxi, it takes the meaning of political morality as clear as water. Deqing has a large number of historical and cultural relics such as Yunxiu temple, stone bridge of Song Dynasty, and a large number of historical and cultural celebrities such as Shen Yue, Mengjiao and Guan Daosheng.

Which city does Deqing County belong to

Deqing County has a water area of 150700 mu, including 48400 mu of rivers and ports, 67000 mu of lakes and 35300 mu of others. The west of the county is a low mountain and hilly area, with many streams, ponds and reservoirs; The East is a plain water network area, with vertical and horizontal rivers and ports and dense ripples, so it is known as "water town and Ze country".

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