What mountain does the mountain in Shandong and Shanxi refer to

The mountain in Shandong and Shanxi refers to Taihang Mountain. Shandong and Shanxi are bounded by Taihang Mountain. In ancient times, the so-called Shandong and Shanxi is Taihang Mountain. In modern China's administrative divisions, Shandong and Shanxi are not bordered, and Hebei is also separated in the middle. However, it is customary to say that Taihang Mountain is the boundary between Shandong and Shanxi.

What mountain does the mountain in Shandong and Shanxi refer to

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Taihang Mountains is an important mountain range and geographical boundary in eastern China. It is located at the junction of Hebei Province and Shanxi Province. Taihang Mountains span Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and Henan provinces, starting from Xishan in Beijing in the north, extending to Wangwu mountain in the border area between Henan and Shanxi in the south, Shanxi Plateau in the West and North China Plain in the East, stretching more than 400 kilometers from northeast to southwest.

It is composed of a variety of rock structures, showing different landforms and rich coal resources. Many rivers originate or flow through the area, interrupting the continuous mountains to form a "water outlet". It is the main road from the North China plain to the Shanxi Plateau.

What mountain does the mountain in Shandong and Shanxi refer to

Taihang Mountain is high in the north and low in the south, most of which are above 1200 meters above sea level. The peaks above 2000 meters include Xiaowutai Mountain, Lingshan mountain, Dongling Mountain and Baishi mountain in Hebei, Taibai Weishan mountain, nansuo mountain and Yangqu mountain in Shanxi. The highest peak in the north is Xiaowutai Mountain, with an altitude of 2882 meters; The Southern peak is Fozi mountain and Banshan mountain in Lingchuan, with an altitude of 1745m and 1791m respectively.

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