Does red wine have a shelf life

Red wine generally has no shelf life. The so-called "shelf life" is the "drinking period". The so-called "shelf life" is the period during which the quality of the goods can be guaranteed.

The shelf life of wine in China is generally ten years, while in foreign countries, wine generally has no shelf life. Red wine generally reaches its maturity in 10 to 20 years, which is the best drinking state.

Does red wine have a shelf life

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Precautions for red wine storage:

1. Appropriate temperature is required. The theoretical temperature is about 12 ℃ and 7-18 ℃;

2. It is required to avoid light, because ultraviolet light will cause wine to suffer - avoid vibration;

3. Place it horizontally to keep the cork moist to prevent air from entering and wine oxidation;

4. Avoid excessive humidity to prevent bacterial growth.

Does red wine have a shelf life

Red wine is not the older the better. The year above red wine refers to the year brewed with the grapes of that year. Most (99%) wines do not have aging ability. The best drinking period varies according to different wines, generally between 2 years.

Only a few very good wines have aging ability. Some top wines in France and Italy have aging ability for decades or even hundreds of years. Many of Bordeaux's top wineries are still drinkable even if they have been preserved for more than a century.

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