Leisurely see what is the last sentence on Nanshan

"Leisurely see the South Mountain" is "picking chrysanthemums under the East fence". This sentence comes from Tao Yuanming's drinking · its fifth.

The poem mainly expresses the taste of living in seclusion, the author's leisurely and complacent mood, his love for quiet and free pastoral life, and his contempt and disgust for dark officialdom.

Leisurely see what is the last sentence on Nanshan

Original text of ancient poetry:

"Drinking · the fifth"

Tao Yuanming

Jielu is in the human environment, without the noise of cars and horses.

Ask you why you can't, your heart is far from you.

Picking chrysanthemums under the East fence, leisurely see the Nanshan Mountain.

The mountain air is good day and night, and the birds return to each other.

There is a true meaning in it. If you want to distinguish, you have forgotten to speak.


Live in the world, but there is no noise of cars and horses.

Ask me why I can do this. As long as I have a high mind, I will naturally feel that my place is secluded.

Picking chrysanthemums under the East fence, leisurely, the distant Nanshan came into view.

(Nanshan in the evening) the mountain is dense, the sunset sets in the west, the scenery in the evening is beautiful, and there are more birds coming back together.

This contains the real meaning of seclusion life. I want to say it, but I forget how to express it in words.

Leisurely see what is the last sentence on Nanshan

About the author:

Tao Yuanming, with bright characters, changed his name to Qian in his later years and nicknamed Mr. Wuliu. He has a private posthumous title of Jingjie and is known as Mr. Jingjie in the world. He is an outstanding poet, poet and essayist in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. He is known as "the father of reclusive poets" and "the ancestor of pastoral poetry", and the first literary giant in Jiangxi.

Tao Yuanming's poems are sincere, simple and natural, lofty, free and easy. It has influenced the thought and creation of several generations of literati. His works include drinking wine, the origin of peach blossoms, Ci of returning home, biography of Mr. Wuliu, etc. Tao Yuanming's works have a total of 125 poems and 12 essays, which were compiled into the collection of Tao Yuanming by later generations.

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