What is ivory fruit

Ivory fruit is the fruit of a coconut tree called Tagua. Ivory fruit, also known as ivory coconut, is harvested by local people when it is fully mature and falls to the ground. After drying in the tropical sun for about 3 ~ 4 months, the gelatin of the fruit will mature and become a white hard material similar to ivory. Its texture, hardness and color are similar to ivory, with a hardness of 1.5 degrees. Therefore, commonly known as "plant ivory", it is considered to be a kind of Bodhi Seed.

What is ivory fruit

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The ivory fruit is rough in appearance and white as ivory inside, which means to achieve the true state of harmony through practice. Hindus often use it to carve Buddha statues. It is a very elegant choice to make handle pieces or decorative ornaments with ivory fruit. But over time, the color turns yellow.

What is ivory fruit

The size of the ivory fruit is very suitable for playing in the hand. Playing with the ivory fruit can make the fingers, palms and wrists bend and stretch flexibly, promote the movement of upper limb muscles such as fingers, wrists and elbows, and prevent and correct the symptoms of upper limb numbness, weakness, trembling and decreased grip strength caused by degenerative diseases of the elderly.

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