All the continents in the northern hemisphere are

All the continents in the northern hemisphere are Europe and North America.

The Northern Hemisphere refers to the hemisphere north of the earth's equator, with land accounting for 39.3% and sea accounting for 60.7%. Most of the earth's land (most of Asia, all of Europe, the northern half of Africa, all of North America and the extreme north of South America) and population are in the northern hemisphere.

Winter in the northern hemisphere is usually from December to February, and summer is usually from June to August, which is opposite to the four seasons in the southern hemisphere.

All the continents in the northern hemisphere are

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Europe, also known as "Europa", is named after the figure "Europa" in Greek mythology. Europe is located in the northwest of the eastern hemisphere, bordering the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the West and the Mediterranean and Black Sea in the south.

Europe has the sixth largest area in the world, with a population density of 70 people km ², It is the third most populous continent in the world, second only to Asia and Africa. More than 99% of the population belongs to Europa. It is a continent with a relatively single race. Europe is one of the continents with high human living standards, high environment and human development index and suitable for living.

All the continents in the northern hemisphere are

North America:

North America, known as North Americana, is located in the northern part of the Western Hemisphere. It is the second most developed continent in the world economy, among which the U.S. economy ranks first in the world and has an important influence on the global economy and politics.

Most of North America belongs to developed countries and has a very high human development index and economic development level. General English, followed by Spanish, French, Dutch, Indian, etc.

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