What is the formation of bird's nest

Bird's nest is a bird called "Golden Swallow", which is made of moss, seaweed and soft plant fiber mixed with their feathers and saliva.

The throat of the swiftlet has developed mucus glands, which can secrete rich saliva, and its saliva can solidify in the air. Therefore, the swiftlet mainly uses it to build a nest as a hiding place.

What is the formation of bird's nest

The main producing areas of bird's nest range from the Philippines in the east to the caves of desert islands near the coast of Myanmar in the West. Most of them are in the Southeast Asian waters such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Sandakan, Singapore and Thailand and the islands in the South China Sea. Because the weather and environment in Indonesia are most suitable for swallows to live together, the quality of Indonesian bird's nest is the best, and the output of Indonesian bird's nest is the largest, followed by Malaysia.

What is the formation of bird's nest

The bird's nest industry started late in China and had a small peak of development in the 1990s. However, according to the survey data of relevant departments, the small climax of the bird's nest industry in the middle and late 1990s was mainly due to the fact that businesses saw the bird's nest market profitable and transferred from other industries to the bird's nest industry market. However, due to uneven qualifications, and the upstream procurement link could not be guaranteed, A large number of inferior and counterfeit products flooded the whole market, resulting in a "flash in the pan" development in the market. After that, the industry trust crisis gradually surfaced.

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