Which city does Gaoyou belong to

Gaoyou city belongs to Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Gaoyou is located at the southern end of the Jianghuai plain and belongs to the Yangtze River Delta. It is the hometown of Chinese folk songs, Chinese poetry, national philately and Chinese architecture. The total area is 1963 square kilometers, including 1175 square kilometers of land area and 788 square kilometers of water area.

Which city does Gaoyou belong to

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Gaoyou has a history of more than 7000 years of civilization and 2240 years of urban construction. Known as the famous area of Jiangzuo and the first city of Guangling in history, it is the hometown of Emperor Yao and the birthplace of Yao culture. It is an important area of Jianghuai civilization and postal culture.

As early as 7000 years ago, our ancestors cultivated and multiplied here. Ying Zheng, king of Qin, built a high platform and a post booth here in 223 BC, so it is called Gaoyou, also known as Qinyou. It is the only city named after post in more than 2000 counties and cities in China.

Which city does Gaoyou belong to

There are 6 national key cultural relics protection sites in Gaoyou, Gaoyou folk songs are listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list, and Gaoyou section of the China Grand Canal is listed in the world heritage list; Lingtang mosque is listed as one of the heritage sites of China's Maritime Silk Road.

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