The largest animal in the world

The largest animal in the world is the blue whale. Blue whale is a marine mammal, belonging to the suborder baleen whale. It is generally 22-33 meters long and weighs 150000-180000 kg. In other words, its weight is equivalent to the weight of more than 25 African elephants or the sum of 2000-3000 people.

The largest animal in the world

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Most of the bays inhabited by blue whales are filled with extremely rich organic matter from the land river, which makes the water quality very fertile and promotes the massive reproduction of plankton. The dense plankton attracted a large group of krill with a diamond blue light.

The stomach of the blue whale is divided into four parts. The first stomach is formed by the expansion of the esophagus, so it has a great appetite. It can swallow about 2 million krill at a time, and eat 4000-8000 kg every day. If the food in the stomach is less than 2000 kg, it will feel hungry.

The largest animal in the world

Although blue whales live in the sea, like other mammals, they breathe with their lungs, which weigh more than 1000 kg and can hold more than 1000 liters of air. Such a large lung capacity greatly reduces the number of breaths. It only comes out of the water to breathe once every 10-15 minutes.

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