Which country is Morocco

Morocco is a coastal Arab country in northwest Africa, bordering Algeria in the East, the Sahara desert in the south, the vast Atlantic Ocean in the west, and Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar in the north, strangling the gateway from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. The land area is 459000 square kilometers (excluding 266000 square kilometers of Western Sahara).

Which country is Morocco

Extended data:

The earliest inhabitants of Morocco were Berbers. It was successively ruled by Phoenicia, Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire. The first Arab kingdom was established in 788. From the end of the 15th century to the beginning of the 20th century, Morocco was invaded by French, Spanish and other colonists. In 1912, it became a protectorate of France, and the narrow area in the north and an area in the South were designated as a protectorate of Spain. Independence in 1956. It was named the kingdom of Morocco on August 14, 1957.

Morocco occupied Western Sahara in 1979, and its rights in Western Sahara have not been recognized by any country in the world, but the League of Arab states clearly recognized Western Sahara as Moroccan territory. Morocco believes that its borders of Ceuta and Melilla should be its territory, but in fact it is under the jurisdiction of Spain.

Which country is Morocco

Morocco has a diverse climate, with the Mediterranean climate in the north. It is hot and dry in summer and mild and humid in winter. There is often a dry and hot "sirocco" in summer. As the Atlas mountain, which runs obliquely through the whole territory, blocks the invasion of the heat wave of the southern Sahara desert, Morocco has a pleasant climate and lush flowers and trees all year round, winning the reputation of "cool land under the hot sun". Morocco is a picturesque country and enjoys the reputation of "North African garden".

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