What is the yellow of shrimp head

The yellow inside the shrimp head is actually shrimp eggs. There are many things in the shrimp head. The main organs of shrimp are concentrated there, such as stomach, liver, gills, yellow, etc. However, shrimp yellow is generally only available to female shrimp, and it is an adult female shrimp. As we said, crab roe and shrimp yellow are actually the ovaries of female shrimp. Many people like to eat this kind of thing, and its nutritional value is also high.

What is the yellow of shrimp head

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Freshwater shrimp is warm, sweet and mild in nature, and enters the liver and kidney meridians. Shrimp meat has the effects of tonifying kidney and Yang, dredging milk and resisting toxin, nourishing blood and consolidating essence, removing blood stasis and detoxification, supplementing qi and nourishing yang, dredging collaterals and relieving pain, appetizing and resolving phlegm, etc. It is suitable for patients with kidney deficiency, milk obstruction, muscle and bone pain, hand and foot convulsions, systemic pruritus, skin ulcer, physical weakness and neurasthenia.

What is the yellow of shrimp head

Shrimp meat is mainly used to treat red and white swelling in children. Mash the shrimp and apply it to the affected part. As a soup, it can treat lump, remove acne and lower milk. Boil it into juice to treat wind and phlegm. Tamp it into a paste and apply it effectively. Shrimp born in paddy fields and ditches are poisonous, and it is more harmful to make pickles. Salted in a secret vessel with hot rice can poison people.

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