What is dried egg made of

Dried egg is a food made of eggs and brine. It just looks like dried beans, but it still belongs to eggs. After steaming and solidifying the protein, add brine and continue steaming for 15 minutes to turn it into dry eggs. Dried egg tastes very tender and smooth. It is common to eat hot pot. It can also be used for cooking.

What is dried egg made of

Now there is a kind of food called dried egg on the market, which looks a bit like tofu in appearance and taste, but in fact, dried egg is made of eggs into the shape of tofu and processed after concentrating traditional eggs. In the production project, some other foods can be added, so the taste is richer than eggs.

What is dried egg made of

Dried egg was first popular in catering channels and is very common when eating hot pot. Fresh dried eggs taste tender and smooth. You can eat them after boiling in hot pot for about 2 minutes. There are generally two kinds of dried eggs on the market, one is dried eggs eaten in hot pot or cooking, and the other is dried eggs eaten directly as snacks.

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