What is the last sentence in the spring mountain sky

The last sentence of "quiet night and spring mountain sky" is "people idle osmanthus falling". The poem comes from the bird singing stream written by the poet Wang Wei of the Tang Dynasty. This poem depicts the quiet and beautiful scenery in the spring night in the mountains, focusing on the tranquility and beauty of the spring mountain at night. The whole poem aims to write static, but it is treated with dynamic scenes. This contrast technique shows the poet's Zen heart and interest.

What is the last sentence in the spring mountain sky

The original poem of birds singing stream:

The sweet scented osmanthus falls at leisure, the night is quiet and the spring mountain is empty.

When the moon rises, it startles mountain birds. When it comes, it sings in the spring stream.

Translation of birds singing stream:

Few people are active, only osmanthus flowers fall silently, and there is a quiet valley in spring at night. The bright moon rises and shines brightly, which startles the birds living in the mountains. From time to time, they fly high and sing in the spring streams.

What is the last sentence in the spring mountain sky

About the author:

Wang Wei, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The word Mo Jie. Originally from Qi (now Shanxi), his father moved to Puzhou (now Yongji west of Shanxi), so he was from Hedong. Kaiyuan (the year of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, 713-741) Jinshi. Tired officials to give things. Anlushan rebels were appointed to the post when they were trapped in Chang'an. After chaos, they were demoted to the crown prince zhongyun. Later, the official went to the Shangshu Youcheng, so it was also called Wang Youcheng. The poem is as famous as Meng Haoran and is called "Wang Meng". His main works are landscape poems, which publicize hermit life and Buddhist Zen theory through the description of pastoral landscape; The body is fine, the shape is vivid, and has unique achievements. Both music, calligraphy and painting. There is the collection of Wang Youcheng.

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