What is shuiyi

Water maltose is a kind of maltose with transparent color. It is fermented by heating water with tapioca powder. Water malt is generally used for baking. It can be added as a food additive in the production of desserts such as cake and nougat to taste.

The main components of water malt are tapioca powder and water, which are fermented by heating water with tapioca powder. There are different names such as rice malt, Luozi malt, stone malt, water malt, Zhu malt and so on.

What is shuiyi

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If maltose is fermented by heating water with tapioca powder, it is called water malt because of its light color. It is more suitable for additives in cakes. Sometimes, water malt is also used as raw material when making simple lollipops, and it is also made together with coral candy when making ordinary lollipops. If the color is vermilion, it is called Zhuyi. It is suitable for roast duck and popcorn.

What is shuiyi

In the production process, if small wort and glutinous rice are added to extract, it is called rice malt, which can be used as medicine, such as syrup used in hospitals to treat cough; As for the origin of Luozi Yee, it is because people who sold maltose used to knock gongs to attract customers, so it is called Luozi Yee. Because of its hardness, it is suitable for candy addition; Stone Yee is also called companion Yee. Its hardness is the hardest and it is also an additive to sweets.

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