What does relief mean

Relief refers to the calm and joyful mood in our hearts when we have doubts, disagreements and other negative emotions disappear. This word is often used in our daily life to express our inner feelings! "Interpretation": meaning interpretation, which can be extended to inquiry and research; "Ran": the original face and truth of everything. "Relief": explore the true nature of things and pursue truth.

What does relief mean

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Physically speaking, for example, you have an emergency to urinate and defecate. You can't find a place everywhere. Suddenly, there is a quiet toilet. You run to the toilet. So I was relieved.

What does relief mean

Psychologically, for example, when you see a tree stump at night, you think it's a villain or ghost. You're very afraid. When you come closer, it's a tree stump. So I was relieved again.

For another example, I had a nightmare and had no place to hide after being chased. Suddenly I woke up and lay in bed, so I was relieved.

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