How many feathers does a badminton have

Badminton has 16 feathers with a length of 64-70mm, but the length of each ball's feather from the supporting surface to the feather tip shall be the same.

The top of the feather is round, the diameter is 58-68mm, the diameter of the ball holder is 25-28mm, the bottom is round, and the weight of the badminton is 4.6-5.5g.

Badminton is a small indoor sport made of feathers and cork, which is played with a long handle mesh ball across the net.

How many feathers does a badminton have

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The badminton court is a rectangular field, 13.40m long and 6.10m wide (singles court is 5.18m wide), the diagonal of doubles court is 14.723m long and the diagonal of singles court is 14.366m long. Each line width of the court is 4cm, and the measurement shall be calculated from the outer edge of the line. The boundaries of the court should preferably be white, yellow or other easily identifiable colors. According to international competition regulations, there shall be no obstacles within 12m above the badminton court and within 2m around the court (including two adjacent courts).

How many feathers does a badminton have

China Badminton Association was established in Wuhan on September 11, 1958, referred to as China Badminton Association for short. China Badminton Association is a national mass sports organization with independent legal personality. It is the highest social organization representing China's badminton activities, and the only legal organization participating in corresponding international badminton activities and International Badminton Federation on behalf of China. It is a non-profit social organization.

The China Badminton Association is composed of Chinese provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, sports associations of various industries, badminton organizations of the people's Liberation Army and other legal badminton social organizations.

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