What part is a pig kidney

Pig kidney is the kidney of a pig. It is called pig waist in dialect. It is named "silver ingot box" because it is shaped like ancient silver ingots.

When choosing kidneys, it depends on their color: fresh kidneys are soft, shiny, elastic and light red; The stale kidney is blue in color, turns white after being blistered, has soft texture, expands inelastic, and emits a peculiar smell. Secondly, see whether there are blood spots on its surface. If so, it is abnormal.

What part is a pig kidney

Nutritional value of pig kidney:

1. Relieve anal prolapse

Pig waist has the function of Supplementing Qi, regulating the middle, warming the kidney and invigorating the spleen. Proper consumption can be used to improve anal prolapse caused by long diarrhea of spleen deficiency in children.

2. Strengthening kidney and waist

Pig waist contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. It has the effect of strengthening the kidney, tonifying the waist and regulating qi.

Tips for washing pig waist:

1. Peel off the film of the pig kidney, cut it open, remove the tendons, cut it into the required pieces or flowers, rinse it with clean water, pick it up and drain it.

2. 1000g pork loin is mixed and squeezed with 100g Shaojiu, rinsed with water for two or three times, and then scalded with boiling water to remove the smell of mutton.

What part is a pig kidney

Production tips:

1. Fried kidney flower with scallion, ginger and green pepper tastes delicious.

2. After slicing the pork kidney, soak it with onion and ginger juice for about 2 hours, change water twice, and soak until the waist piece turns white and expands.

3. The pork loin is crisp and tender, and the light color is better.

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