What part is a sheep kidney

Sheep kidney is the kidney of sheep, which is the kidney organ of cattle, goat or sheep. It is rich in protein, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, selenium and other nutritional elements. It can be eaten by ordinary people, especially those with kidney deficiency. Sheep kidney can be prepared into famous wine, dishes and meals.

What part is a sheep kidney

Since the establishment of traditional Chinese medicine, sheep kidney has been used as the main medicine and food for human anti-aging and longevity tonic. Sheep kidney is sweet in taste and warm in nature. It enters the kidney meridian. It is mainly used for the treatment of kidney deficiency and strain, waist and knee soreness, foot and knee weakness, deafness, thirst elimination, frequent urination, kidney deficiency, enuresis and other diseases. According to the records in Rihua Materia Medica, sheep kidney can "tonify deficiency, Yin weakness, strengthen Yang and Benefit Kidney".

What part is a sheep kidney

It should be noted that people with body heat, abnormal renal function and gout should not eat sheep kidney. Because sheep kidney is warm in nature and belongs to warm and tonic food, people with internal heat, fever, hepatitis and acne had better not eat sheep kidney. Sheep kidney is rich in protein, which usually needs to be filtered and excreted by the kidney. If you are a patient with nephritis, you should eat less high protein foods such as sheep kidney, so as not to increase the burden on the kidney.

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