What material is it made of

There are three kinds of hand-made materials, cast resin, Polystone Polaroid powder resin and PVC.

"Shouban" is a homonym derived from "Shouban". "First run" means that the toy factory will ask the master to "start" in advance before developing new tooling. The "prototype" made by the master is called "first run" in the line.

What material is it made of

Expansion materials:

Three hand-made materials:

Cast resin: commonly known as PU resin. Cast resin is hei-cast resin in Japan. It is the abbreviation of non foaming polyimide resin. There are agent a and agent B. the two can be prepared only when the weight ratio is the same. The colors are white, beige, ivory, etc.

What material is it made of

Polystone Baoli stone powder resin: it is made of resin mixed with stone powder. It is a kind of cold resin. The price is cheap, less than 3 / 1 of the price of cast resin. It is the main material to complete the human figure in the early stage.

PVC: the abbreviation of polyvinylchloride, that is, PVC material.

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