What does ng mean

Network catchphrase ng means: bad, useless.

Ng means nogood, which means the failure of making a film. Usually used in filming, the director will say ng, which means that if it fails, it needs to be remade. Now some TV dramas also use it as the ending to attract the audience, so that we can understand the unknown side (i.e. GAGs) in the shooting process.

What does ng mean

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Catchwords mainly reflect the civilian culture, or a bottom culture, which is limited to the cultural level and social status of creation and users. Most catchwords are difficult to enter the hall of elegance.

What does ng mean

The existence and popularity of catchwords is an objective fact. It is not only a cultural phenomenon, but also a language phenomenon, and it is often a temporary phenomenon. For language, its existence does not mean that it will inevitably become a legal member of the language. On the positive side, catchwords are not only a channel for vocabulary enrichment and development, but also a channel for social culture and emotional catharsis.

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