What does wandering mean

Wandering is a Chinese word, which means walking back and forth in a place, or hesitation, or things floating and undulating back and forth in a certain range.

From Xunzi on Rites: "today's great birds and animals will lose their horses. If they cross the moon, they will turn against lead; if they cross their hometown, they will linger, sound, linger, hesitate, and then they can go."

What does wandering mean

Expansion materials:

The synonyms of wandering are: wandering, wandering, hesitating, hesitating, hesitating, hesitating.

The antonyms of wandering are: resolute and decisive.

Make sentences with Wandering:

1. Walk back and forth in one place.

He wandered alone in the street.

What does wandering mean

2. Metaphor hesitation.

Example: three accept but not overcome, linger and allow, and those who pursue are closer—— Biography of the coyote by Ma Zhongxi, Ming Dynasty

3. Hit again and again.

He often hovers on the verge of collapse.

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