What kind of tea does Tieguanyin belong to

Tieguanyin belongs to green tea. It is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It originated in Xiping Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province and was discovered in 1723-1735. Tieguanyin has thick branches, sparse leaves, few buds and thick leaves. It is between green tea and black tea. It belongs to semi fermented tea with unique "Guanyin rhyme" and elegant fragrance. After brewing, it has natural orchid fragrance and "seven bubbles have lingering fragrance".

What kind of tea does Tieguanyin belong to

Extended data:

According to the fermentation degree and production technology, Tieguanyin finished products can be roughly divided into three types: fragrance type, Luzhou flavor type and aging flavor type.

1. Fragrant Tieguanyin

The fragrance type has a light taste and slightly sweet tongue tip, which is biased towards modern technology and has the largest share in the market. The fragrant Tieguanyin has green color, clear soup, fragrant fragrance, obvious flower fragrance and mellow taste. Due to the cold nature of new tea, do not drink too much, otherwise you will hurt your stomach and insomnia to a certain extent.

2. Luzhou flavor Tieguanyin

Luzhou flavor has mellow taste, high and long aroma and is relatively sweet. It is a product of roasted and reprocessed tea fried by traditional technology. Luzhou flavor Tieguanyin has the characteristics of "fragrant, thick, mellow and sweet". It has dark color, golden soup color, pure aroma and thick taste. Compared with the fragrance type, Luzhou flavor Tieguanyin is warm in nature and has the effects of quenching thirst, generating fluid, strengthening spleen and warming stomach.

What kind of tea does Tieguanyin belong to

3. Chen Xiang Tieguanyin

Chen Xiang type, also known as old tea or cooked tea, is made of Luzhou flavor or Qingxiang Tieguanyin after long-term storage and repeated reprocessing. It is also a semi fermented tea. Chen Xiang Tieguanyin has the characteristics of "thick, mellow, moist and soft", which is manifested in dark color, rich soup, soft sweet and mellow, and aloes. Its characteristics and taste are close to Pu'er tea, black tea and black tea, and there is a heavy historical and cultural precipitation.

Tieguanyin roasted with charcoal is a kind of Tieguanyin aroma, which is also the last process to change the quality of finished oolong tea. It is the roasting process of Tieguanyin fragrant tea after charcoal. Baking time, times and heat depend on personal taste and market.

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