What is the asteroid belt between

The asteroid belt is located between Mars and Jupiter. It is a dense area of asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in the solar system. 98.5% of asteroids have been found here. There are 120437 asteroids that have been numbered. Because the asteroid belt is the most densely populated area of asteroids, this area is also called the main belt.

What is the asteroid belt between

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The asteroid belt is formed by a group of stars in the primitive solar nebula (the predecessor of planets smaller than planets). However, due to the influence of Jupiter's gravity, these stars are prevented from forming planets, causing many stars to collide with each other and form many debris and debris.

The three largest asteroids in the asteroid belt are Zhishen, Junshen and Vesta, with an average diameter of more than 400 kilometers; In the main belt, there is only one dwarf planet Ceres, with a diameter of about 950 kilometers; The rest of the asteroids are small, some even the size of dust.

What is the asteroid belt between

The material in the asteroid belt is very thin, and several spacecraft have passed safely without accidents.

Asteroids in the main belt are divided into three categories according to their spectra and main forms: carbonaceous, silicate and metal. In addition, collisions between asteroids may form a small family of stars with similar orbital characteristics and colors. These collisions are also the main source of dust producing zodiacal light.

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