How to wash white clothes when they are yellow

White clothes turn yellow and white washing tips:

1. Add a few drops of white vinegar to the clean water, immerse the white clothes in it and scrub them several times. After taking them out, clean them according to the ordinary laundry procedure.

2. Lemon has bleaching effect. Rinsing clothes with water added with lemon juice also has bleaching effect. When washing white silk fabrics, add some lemon juice to the water to make the clothes more white.

3. Keep the rice washing water or put the orange peel into the pot, add water and cook, soak the yellowing clothes in it and scrub it.

How to wash white clothes when they are yellow

Reasons for yellowing of white clothes:

1. The fluorescent agent becomes weak

Fluorescent agent, a whitening dye that will be added in the process of making clothes, can make the dyed fabric bright and white. But after washing too much, the fluorescent agent on the white clothes will be lost, and the clothes will look yellow and old.

2. Oil residue secreted by the body

The acid substances secreted by sweat will oxidize the clothes and turn yellow, so the yellowing inside the armpit or collar is more serious.

3. Improper storage or storage for too long

The storage of white clothes also needs attention. It is easy to nourish bacteria in humid and airless places, which will also lead to yellowing of clothes; The longer the storage time, the more serious the yellowing of clothes.

4. The detergent was not washed clean

If the washing liquid is not washed clean, the clothes will turn yellow in a large area. Therefore, white clothes should be floated more than once, especially when clothes are exposed to the sun. If a large amount of rinsing agent and foam are left, it will become more yellow and old.

How to wash white clothes when they are yellow

Tips for cleaning white clothes:

1. Separate cleaning

White clothes should be washed separately to avoid catching the color of other clothes.

2. Turn the clothes back

When drying clothes, turn them upside down. The sun rises in the clothes and the shade on the outside.

3. Avoid exposure to the sun after washing

After cleaning, put it in a cool place and dry it slowly. Don't expose it in the hot sun.

4. Add fixing agent before cleaning

Before washing clothes, add color fixing agent (generally sold in regular laundry). A piece of clothes needs about 13-14g. Soak it for 2-3 minutes, and then wash it with soap. This ensures that the color of the clothes does not fade easily.

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