What does cos mean

COS is the abbreviation of English cosplay, which means role play. It refers to playing roles in works by wearing costumes of various roles, including animation, comics, video games, visual Department Orchestra and puppet show in Taiwan.

Role playing began in Japan. The starting point of dressing up is to love the roles in various works, so that the characters who originally existed only in the illusory world can appear in the real world through role-playing.

What does cos mean

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The name of cosplay originated from mizzeka Bosch, convener of comicmarket, when he wrote an article for the magazine in 1978. He used "costumeplay" to point out the behavior of dressing up as animation characters. It was established by Japanese animator Nobuyuki Takahashi (Japanese: Nobuyuki Takahashi) at the world science fiction annual meeting held in Los Angeles, USA in 1984, and expressed by the English word "Cosplay".

What does cos mean

Contemporary Cosplay is usually regarded as a subculture activity, and its object roles generally come from animation, comics, video games, light novels, films, film collections, special photos, idol groups, careers, historical stories, social stories, legendary unique things in the real world (or their humanized forms), or other self-created tangible roles. The method is to deliberately wear similar clothes, add the matching of props, make-up modeling, body language and other parameters to imitate these roles.

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