What does ambiguity mean

Ambiguity is a Chinese word, which refers to the ambiguous and uncertain relationship between men and women. It is a very special relationship between male and female friends, which exists between friendship and above friendship. Ambiguous expression is diverse, language and action can be expressed. Ambiguity also refers to vagueness and fuzziness; Not bright; Inconvenient to make public.

What does ambiguity mean

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Cai Yong of the Han Dynasty wrote in his interpretation: "if you are a childe, you will succeed in the so-called ambiguous benefits and forget the harm of the Zhao. If you suddenly fall, you will be defeated."

In the Youming record of Liu Yiqing of the Southern Song Dynasty, "when the moon is ambiguous, I see its face is deep and its eyes have no pupils."

What does ambiguity mean

Satin's "returning home" 22: "the captain began to complain about his gambling luck, but he suddenly smiled vaguely again."

Lu Cai of the Ming Dynasty wrote in the book of nostalgia · asking about incense: "can you see this ambiguous thing?"

Shen Congwen's "gentleman's wife": "this aunt is a young woman. She is embarrassed about this ambiguous situation and feels speechless."

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