Where is Guandu now

The battle of Guandu is now the northeast of Zhongmou, Henan Province.

The battle of Guandu took place in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. At that time, the heroes began to compete for places, and the forces of all countries were ready to move. Cao Cao moved to Xuchang and his power increased greatly. Yuan Shao owns Hebei and other places, with a wide range of people and sufficient troops and food, so he is ready to compete for the world.

Where is Guandu now

In the fourth year of Jian'an, the battle of Guandu began. Yuan Shao led more than 100000 troops to attack Cao Cao in the south. Cao Cao held a stalemate with Yuan Jun in Guandu with about 20000 troops. At this time, Yuan's army was strong, Cao Cao's army was short of food. The next year, Cao Cao used yuan's army to underestimate the enemy's unprepared, sneaked into the rear granary, took advantage of Yuan's panic, attacked quickly and annihilated yuan's main force.

Where is Guandu now

The battle of Guandu was a transformation of the forces of yuan and Cao. This battle also decided that northern China moved from division to unity, which had a very important impact on the historical development of the Three Kingdoms period. Cao Cao's victory was not accidental, but Cao Cao's exquisite control of the military strategy. Although the war between Yuan and Cao was a struggle between competing forces, it realized regional unity.

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