What is the last sentence of thousands of pear blossoms

The last sentence of "thousands of trees and thousands of pear flowers bloom" is "suddenly like the spring breeze of the night". The poem comes from the white snow song sent judge Wu back to Beijing by Cen Shen, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The whole poem has rich and broad connotation, magnificent and romantic colors, magnificent momentum, distinctive and unique artistic conception and strong artistic appeal. It can be called the masterpiece of the frontier fortress poetry of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

What is the last sentence of thousands of pear blossoms

The original text of Bai xuege sending judge Wu back to Beijing:

The north wind rolls the ground, the white grass breaks, and the Hu day snows in August.

Suddenly, like the spring breeze of the night, thousands of pear trees bloom.

Scattered into the bead curtain, wet Luo curtain, fox fur is not warm, and brocade quilt is thin.

The general's horn bow can't be controlled. It's hard to protect the iron clothes.

The vast sea is dry and frozen, and the melancholy clouds condense for thousands of miles.

The Chinese Army bought wine and returned home, Hu Qin, Pipa and Qiang flute.

One after another, it snowed at dusk, and the wind pulled the red flag, which could not be turned over.

Take you to the east gate of Luntai. It snows all over the mountain road when you go.

You can't see you in the mountain circuit, and there are horses over the snow.

White snow song sends judge Wu back to Beijing:

The north wind swept the earth, blowing white grass, and heavy snow fell on the Hu land in mid autumn and August. As if the spring breeze blew overnight, the trees were like pear blossoms. Snowflakes float into the curtain cage and wet the tent. Even wearing fox fur robes is not warm. The general's horn bow was too cold to open, and the protective armor was too cold to wear. The boundless desert forms a hundred feet of solid ice, and the clouds of sorrow condense in the sky. Wine was placed in the tent to see the Hui people off, and pipa, Qiang flute and Hu Qin were added to the fun. At dusk, there was heavy snow outside the gate, and the frozen red flag did not flutter in the wind. Send you back to Beijing outside the east gate of Luntai. When you leave, the mountains are covered with snow. The mountain road twists and turns, you can't see your figure, and there are footprints of Horseshoes over the snow.

What is the last sentence of thousands of pear blossoms

About the author:

CEN Shen (AD 715-770), a poet of the Tang Dynasty. CEN Wensun, a meritorious Minister of Taizong. Tianbao three years Jinshi. In the eighth year, he served as the Chief Secretary of the shogunate of Gao Xianzhi, the festival envoy of Anxi, and later served as the festival judge of the northwest court of Anxi with Feng Changqing. In the second year of Zhide, he was awarded the right to fill the que with Du Fu and other five people. Later, he became the governor of Jiazhou. He died in Chengdu in the fifth year of Dali. Gongshi is good at seven character songs. There are 360 existing. He has a cordial feeling about the scenery of the frontier fortress, military life and the cultural customs of ethnic minorities, so his frontier fortress poems are especially good. The style is similar to Gao Shi, and later generations call it cengao. There are seven volumes of Cen Jiazhou poems.

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