The main components of rust are

The main component of rust is iron oxide.

The main cause of rust is that iron metal will rust when it reacts with water and oxygen in the environment in the presence of impurity carbon. It is used in paint, ink, rubber and other industries. It can be used as catalyst, polishing agent for glass, gem and metal, and as raw material for ironmaking.

The main components of rust are

The biggest application of iron oxide is as pigment. According to the color, it is divided into iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow and iron oxide black. Iron oxide brown is composed of iron oxide red, iron oxide black (and iron oxide yellow); Iron oxide orange is a mixture of iron oxide red and iron oxide yellow; Iron oxide green is a mixture of blue phthalocyanine blue and iron oxide yellow.

The main components of rust are

When the rusty iron objects in your home need to be removed, try soaking the rusty objects in vinegar. This non-toxic household acid has a very wonderful role in rust removal, and there are many other household uses. Just soak the rusty items in vinegar, put them aside overnight, and then scrape off the rust layer the next morning.

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