What day is Halloween

Halloween is November 1 every year. Halloween, also known as all saints' day, is a traditional festival in the west, and October 31 on the eve of Halloween is the busiest time of this festival. It is said that on this night, all kinds of ghosts will dress up as children and mingle with the masses to celebrate the advent of Halloween, and human beings dress up as all kinds of ghosts in order to make ghosts more harmonious.

What day is Halloween

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Halloween is mainly popular in the English world, such as the British Isles and North America, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Today, the younger generation in some Asian countries also tend to celebrate the "foreign festival". On Halloween, some large foreign supermarkets will put up counters to sell Halloween toys, and small vendors will also sell some dolls or models related to Halloween to attract the eyes of young people.

What day is Halloween

Halloween is the most "haunted" time of the year. All kinds of demons, pirates, alien visitors and witches go out one after another. Children will carry pumpkin lanterns, wear all kinds of strange clothes and ask for candy from door to door. If you don't give candy, the children will be very angry and punish you in various ways until you are willing to give them candy.

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