What was the earliest fan made of

The earliest fans were made of plant leaves or bird feathers.

The main materials of fans are: bamboo, wood, paper, ivory, hawksbill shell, emerald, bird feathers, other palm leaves, betel nut leaves, wheat straw, cattail, etc. they can also be woven or made into various daily-use craft fans with beautiful shapes and exquisite structures. They are carefully carved, carved, ironed, drilled by skilled craftsmen or painted by celebrities, making the art of fans worth a hundred times.

What was the earliest fan made of

Expansion materials:

The traditional fan culture of the Han nationality originated in ancient times. Our ancestors hunted plant leaves or bird feathers in the scorching summer for simple processing to block the sun and produce wind. Therefore, the fan is called blocking the sun, which is the origin of the fan.

The earliest fan was a symbol of power made of reed. The initial function of the fan was not to cool, but a guard of honor fan for the ruling class to show their status and privileges.

What was the earliest fan made of

Because fans are often seen in imperial palaces, they are also called "palace fans". After the Sui and Tang Dynasties, a large number of feather fans and WAN fans appeared. During this period, literati liked to play with fans and regarded them as "elegant objects with sleeves". In addition to drinking and writing poems, some poets and poets often sang poems and Fu while shaking Wan fans. During this period, a large number of poems related to fans appeared, such as Li Qiao's fan, Bai Juyi's white feather fan, Tang Yi's chanting broken fan, and so on. If the ancient literati had no fan in their hands, they would be like petty bourgeoisie without a pet dog, which seemed a little tasteless. In the Qing Dynasty, not only literati, but also officials, accountants and even all kinds of people at the bottom of society liked to "pose".

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