Five of the three mountains are located in Shandong

It's Mount Tai.

Mount Tai, one of the five famous mountains in China, is located in the central part of Shandong Province, stretching between Tai'an, Jinan and Zibo, with a total area of 24200 hectares.

The three mountains refer to Huangshan, Lushan and Yandang mountains; The five mountains refer to Mount Tai, Mount Hua, Mount Heng, Mount Song and Mount Heng.

Five of the three mountains are located in Shandong

The three mountains were originally the three God mountains on the sea in myths and legends. Because it is the place where immortals live, they are especially fascinated by the ancients. Their names often appear in ancient novels, operas and notes. In order to continue the beautiful myth of the three mountains and five mountains, future generations chose the new three mountains among the famous mountains outside the five mountains. They are Huangshan in Anhui, Lushan in Jiangxi and Yandang in Zhejiang.

Other mountains in the five mountains:

1. Huashan is one of the five famous mountains in China and the birthplace of Chinese civilization. The "Hua" of "China" and "Huaxia" originates from Huashan. It is located in Huayin City, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, 120 kilometers east of the provincial capital Xi'an.

2. Hengshan, located in the southeast of central Hunan Province, China, stretches between the two basins of Hengyang and Xiangtan. The main part is located in Nanyue District, Hengshan County and the east of Hengyang County.

Five of the three mountains are located in Shandong

3. Mount Song is located in the west of Henan Province, in the northwest of Dengfeng City, adjacent to the ancient capital Luoyang in the West and Zhengzhou in the East. Between 112 ° 56 ′ 07 ″ ~ 113 ° 11 ′ 32 ″ E and 34 ° 23 ′ 31 ″ ~ 34 ° 35 ′ 53 ″ n.

4. Hengshan Mountain is the general name of a series of peaks in the southeast of Datong City, Shanxi Province, the south of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, and between Sanggan River and Hutuo River. It extends roughly from southwest to northeast. It is about 300 kilometers long from east to west and about 80 kilometers wide from north to South. The highest peak is Mantou mountain at the boundary of Daixian County and Yingxian County, with an altitude of 2426 meters.

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