Can the boiled traditional Chinese medicine pass the security check

Boiled traditional Chinese medicine can pass the security check of subway and railway station. For passengers taking the plane, the bagged traditional Chinese medicine on the plane should have a doctor's prescription or hospital certificate. Boiled traditional Chinese medicine can be consigned, but it must have the certificate of the hospital, and write down the name, quantity, status and so on.

Can the boiled traditional Chinese medicine pass the security check

Regulations on carrying liquid goods on aircraft:

The volume of each liquid article carried by passengers on international and regional flights originating from airports in China shall not exceed 100ml. Containers containing liquid substances shall be placed in transparent resealable plastic bags with a maximum volume of not more than 1 liter (L). Each passenger is allowed to carry only one transparent plastic bag at a time, and the excess part shall be checked. Transparent plastic bags containing liquid goods shall be subject to separate safety inspection.

Can the boiled traditional Chinese medicine pass the security check

Passengers on domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquid goods, but they can handle delivery, and their packaging shall comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation. Passengers shall carry a small amount of cosmetics for their own use. Each kind of cosmetics shall be limited to one. The container volume shall not exceed 100ml, and shall be placed in a separate bag for bottle opening inspection.

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