What is the size of Octopus sketch paper

The measurement result of the standard size of the drawing paper with the opening of 8 is 260mm × 370mm, the paper is smaller than A3 paper. Paper has positive and generous dimensions. Generally, 8 sheets of paper can be used to draw sketches and gouache. The size of this paper is also commonly used in art exams.

What is the size of Octopus sketch paper

Generally, the size of open paper is large and positive. It is also divided into white material size and finished paper size after cutting. Positive paper size: white material size 271mm × 390mm, size 260mm after cutting × 370mm。

Large paper size: white material size 397mm × 444mm, 385mm after cutting × 420mm. Generally, the actual size of 8-kai sketch paper is 260mm × 370mm。

When practicing sketch, we usually choose thick, clean and textured sketch paper. When drawing with pencil, it is not suitable to use paper with very high texture density. The surface of this paper is very smooth and has poor adhesion, and can not withstand long-term friction.

What is the size of Octopus sketch paper

Charcoal pens and carbon rods have relatively loose requirements for paper, just ordinary sketch paper and watercolor paper. When selecting sketch paper, you should use a variety of paper and pens with different textures and colors to draw, so as to experience the feeling brought by different materials. Carbon pens and carbon rods will produce unique visual effects when matched with colored paper.

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