Photo size of marriage certificate

The size of the marriage certificate photo is two inches. The background is generally red. Three photos need to be taken. They must be the recent half body and bareheaded group photos of both men and women. You can take it to the marriage registration office or shoot it on site at the marriage registration office according to the couple's own ideas.

Photo size of marriage certificate

Marriage certificate is a legal document issued by the marriage registration authority to prove the effective establishment of marriage relationship. The original marriage certificate is in duplicate, one for each party. Legal conditions for obtaining a marriage certificate: both parties are voluntary and have no spouse, male over 22 years old and female over 20 years old, both parties are not directly related by blood, not collateral relatives within three generations, and there are no diseases that medically believe should not be married.

Photo size of marriage certificate

The original marriage certificate shall be made in duplicate, one for each man and one for each woman. Its format shall be uniformly formulated by the Ministry of civil affairs, uniformly printed by the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and sealed by the people's governments of counties, municipal districts or cities not divided into districts. The marriage certificate shall be affixed with photos of both men and women and affixed with the special steel seal for marriage registration. If the marriage certificate is lost, you can apply to the Civil Affairs Bureau for replacement.

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