Difference between publicity and announcement

The difference between publicity and announcement is that the contents of publicity can be modified, but announcement cannot.

Announcement refers to the official announcement or public announcement of major events by the government and organizations in public.

Publicity refers to a practical style of writing in which party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, etc. inform the masses in advance to solicit opinions and improve work.

Difference between publicity and announcement

Announcement is one of the main languages of administrative documents. Both it and announcement belong to the oral language with a wide range of publication. Announcement is the official document used to announce important or statutory matters at home and abroad. It is applicable to the announcement of important or statutory matters at home and abroad.

Announcements are official documents used to announce important or statutory matters at home and abroad. There are mainly two kinds of announcements. One is to announce important matters, such as China's recent ground to ground missile launch training in the East China Sea; The second is to announce statutory matters, such as a certain law or regulation and the results of the election of national leaders.

Difference between publicity and announcement

The connotation and nature of publicity are obviously different from notices and announcements. Publicity is open, well-known, scientific and democratic.

The content written and information carried by the publicity shall be disclosed to personnel within a certain range or within a specific range, which shall be known and understood by everyone. It has strong transparency, and there is no secret or secret operation. The process and results of publicity are open, fair and just, with the participation and supervision of the masses and recognized by them.

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