The difference between alcohol and Baijiu

The difference between alcohol and Baijiu:

1, Baijiu can be used as a drink, alcohol is often used in medicine, for a lot of bleeding wounds have extremely powerful disinfection effect.

2, Baijiu is diluted alcohol, with some effect of alcohol, and alcohol content is higher, alcohol degree is generally more than 75%.

The difference between alcohol and Baijiu

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China liquor has the complex flavour of ester as the main body, and the liquor made from starch and sugar is made from starches and saccharides by cooking, saccharifying, fermenting, distilling, aging and blending. Strictly speaking, the blending liquor made from the mixture of edible alcohol and spices can not be regarded as baijiu.

The difference between alcohol and Baijiu

Alcohol is a flammable, volatile, colorless and transparent liquid under normal temperature and pressure. It has low toxicity and can not be drunk directly; It has a special fragrance and is slightly irritating; Slightly sweet, with a pungent taste. Flammable, its vapor can form an explosive mixture with air and can be miscible with water in any ratio. It is miscible with chloroform, ether, methanol, acetone and most other organic solvents.

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