What is a yellow throat

Yellow throat comes from the large blood vessels of pigs, cattle and other livestock. It is generally the aorta and the heart tube. It is often misunderstood as the esophagus or trachea. In hot pot dishes, it is divided into hair yellow throat and fresh yellow throat. The important feature of hot pot is crisp. Yellow throat is not only used in hot pot, but also used to make fried yellow throat with agaric. In addition, among Guizhou dishes, there is the dish of palace exploding yellow throat.

What is a yellow throat

Although the Yellow throat has a throat word, it has nothing to do with the throat. The scientific name of yellow throat is aortic arch, which is the large artery from the ventricle. The artery from the left ventricle is thicker and the artery from the right ventricle is thinner. You can rinse and scald yellow throat.

The length of pig yellow throat is about 60 to 70 cm, and cow yellow throat is at least 1 meter. Professor Liu Wenzong said that the most commonly eaten yellow throat belongs to a part of the blood vessels in pigs. The main component is smooth muscle and belongs to protein. It has higher nutritional value than viscera such as liver and stomach.

What is a yellow throat

In hot pot dishes, bezoar throat is thicker and tastes better than pig throat. However, it is troublesome to deal with bezoar throat. If it is not handled well, it tastes very soft and can't chew. However, many professional food products like bezoar throat.

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