What does "more than three and less" mean

More or less refers to a typical clinical symptom of diabetes. Three: eat more, drink more and pee more. One less: weight loss.

"More than three and less" means that there is polyuria first, because high blood sugar causes osmotic diuresis, then thirst and drink more, loss of nutrients, and eating more and wasting. In fact, "more than three and less" appeared after long-term hyperglycemia. If there are typical symptoms of more than three or less, check fasting blood glucose or random blood glucose.

What does "more than three and less" mean

Extended data:

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia. There are two main causes: the pancreas can not produce enough insulin, or the cells are not sensitive to insulin. Its characteristic is that the blood glucose of patients is higher than the standard value for a long time.

What does "more than three and less" mean

Clinical manifestations of diabetes:

1. Eat more, drink more, urinate more and lose weight

Severe hyperglycemia occurs in typical "less than 1" symptoms, most commonly seen in type 2 diabetes. When ketosis or ketoacidosis occurs, the symptoms of "more than three and less" are more obvious.

2. Fatigue, weakness, obesity

It is more common in type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is often obesity before onset. If it is not diagnosed in time, the weight will gradually decrease.

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