What symbolic meaning does chrysanthemum stand for

Symbolic meaning of chrysanthemum:

1. Noble sentiment

Chrysanthemum experienced wind and frost, has tenacious vitality, and its quality is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

2. Natural and unrestrained seclusion

It is also known as a hermit, which means natural and unrestrained seclusion, and means that you want to stay away from worldly troubles and wealth.

3. Auspicious longevity

Its flowering period is in September, which is homonymous with a long time, indicating longevity and auspiciousness.

4. Prosper

Its design color is yellow, and the color of the Dragon Robe in ancient times is yellow, so the yellow chrysanthemum has the meaning of prosperity.

What symbolic meaning does chrysanthemum stand for

Extended data:

Around the 8th century, chrysanthemum, as an ornamental, was introduced from China to Japan and was highly regarded as the design of the national emblem of Japan. At the end of the 17th century, dutch businessmen introduced Chinese chrysanthemums into Europe, France in the 18th century and North America in the mid-19th century. Since then, Chinese chrysanthemums have spread all over the world.

What symbolic meaning does chrysanthemum stand for

Chrysanthemum is a short sunshine plant, which can bloom early under short sunshine. Like sunshine, avoid shade, more drought resistant and afraid of waterlogging. Like warm and humid climate, but also cold resistant. Roots can overwinter underground in severe winter. Flowers can withstand slight frost, but higher temperature is required for seedling growth and branch bud pregnancy. The optimum growth temperature is about 20 ℃.

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