Which country is Armenia

Armenia is a republic located in the Transcaucasia region at the junction of Asia and Europe, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It borders Turkey in the west, Iran in the south, Georgia in the north and Azerbaijan in the East. It covers an area of 29800 square kilometers.

Which country is Armenia

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In the 5th century BC, the Armenian nationality was basically formed. In 331 BC, the kingdom of Armenia was established. In 301 ad, King tiridady III of Armenia designated Christianity as the state religion, making Armenia the first Christian country in the world.

It was divided between Iran and the Ottoman Empire in the mid-16th century. From 1804 to 1828, after the two Russian Iraqi wars, East Asia Menya occupied by Iran was incorporated into the Russian Empire. On January 29, 1920, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia was established. In March 1922, he joined the Transcaucasian Soviet Socialist Federal Republic and joined the Soviet Union as a member of the Federation on December 30 of the same year. On December 5, 1936, it became one of the Soviet republics.

On August 23, 1990, Armenia adopted the declaration of independence and changed its name to "Republic of Armenia". On September 21, 1991, Armenia held a referendum and officially declared its independence.

Which country is Armenia

Armenia's main economic source is agriculture and animal husbandry, in which agricultural production is only concentrated in the lowlands near the capital.

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