What day is World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day is December 1st every year. World AIDS Day is a World Holiday established by WHO in January 1988. It calls on all countries and international organizations to organize relevant activities on this day to publicize and popularize knowledge about AIDS prevention and to raise people's awareness of AIDS.

What day is World AIDS Day?

Extended data:

AIDS is also known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome, abbreviated as AIDS. The disease is a highly dangerous infectious disease caused by HIV -HIV virus. After human infection, the immune system is destroyed, which has gradually become the target of many opportunistic diseases, and then contributed to a variety of clinical symptoms.

AIDS and HIV infected people have different intentions: after HIV infection, if they are controlled (some do not need drugs to control) or before the onset of incubation, they are called HIV carriers. AIDS is the only symptom associated with the disease.

What day is World AIDS Day?

The red ribbon is the symbol of World AIDS Day. Red ribbon is like a link that links people all over the world to fight AIDS together. It symbolizes our concern and support for HIV infected persons and AIDS patients. It symbolizes our love for life and our desire for peace; It means that we should use "heart" to participate in the work of AIDS prevention.

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