Can I get on the plane

Alcohol can not be carried with you, can be checked, and there are requirements for alcohol content. When taking a civil aviation flight in China, alcohol items shall not be carried with you, but can be delivered as checked baggage. The packaging of alcohol shall comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation.

Can I get on the plane

When alcoholic beverages are delivered as checked baggage, the quantity shall comply with the following provisions:

1. There is no limit on the number of alcoholic articles with alcohol below 24 degrees (including 24 degrees).

2. If the alcohol content is between 24 degrees (excluding 24 degrees) and 70 degrees (including 70 degrees), the total consignment volume shall not exceed 5 liters.

3. Those with alcohol level above 70 degrees (excluding 70 degrees) shall not be consigned.

Can I get on the plane

Consignment process:

Check in together when you change your boarding pass. Checked baggage must be well packed, well locked, firmly bound, able to withstand certain pressure, and able to be loaded, unloaded and transported safely under normal operating conditions.

The consignment is packed by the passengers themselves or packed at the airport by the airport consignment, because the wine belongs to fragile items. When it is checked, it will be pasted with fragile and careful handle marks. In addition, it is better to cushion some bubbles in the box, newspapers and so on.

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