What's dad's brother's name

Dad's brother is called uncle. In ancient words, the father's second brother is called "Uncle", the father's sister-in-law is called "aunt", and the husband's brother is called "Uncle". "Uncle" is also a polite name for people of the same age as their father.

Relative address related to father:

1. Call dad's dad

Colloquially, it is called "master", "milk master", "milk father" and "Grandpa". In written language, they are called "grandfather", "milk Lord", "big father" and "king father".

2. Call dad's mother

Colloquially, it is called "grandma", "grandma" and "nanny". In written language, they are called "grandmother", "grandmother", "eldest mother" and "Queen Mother".

3. Call dad's brother

Oral names include "uncle / uncle dad / uncle dad", "several uncles / dads / dads", etc. In written language, they are called "uncle / uncle" and "follower".

What's dad's brother's name

4. Call dad's sister

Oral names such as "aunt / girl / aunt", "aunt dad", etc. The written language calls it "aunt".

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